Old Town Petersburg Growing Thanks to Hollywood

Old Town Petersburg has been in the spotlight lately for hosting numerous movies and television shows such as “Lincoln” and the TV series “Turn.”

New businesses are opening and one business has even been so successful they’re moving their restaurant into a much needed larger location.

Seven years ago Vincenza and Giovanni Crapa took a chance on opening a restaurant called Maria’s Cafe. Never did they imagine seven years later they would outgrow their building.

This week they, along with other family and city leaders held a ribbon cutting for a building they have dreamed of ever since arriving in Petersburg.

“The first day I steeped foot in this place my eyes went right across where the big patio is and I said ‘wow that looks like my dream restaurant,'” says owner Vincenza Crapa.

The Crapas have watched Old Town grow and thrive over the past few years and say the history, along with the numerous movies and television shows filmed in the area recently, have added to the renewed interest in Old Town.

“They didn’t get to come in here and eat. I was upset about that, but it did help. It was exciting when they were filming ‘Lincoln.’ They actually closed this street.”

Petersburg City Manager William Johnson says Maria’s is one of many things happening in Petersburg.

“All of the development… Neptunes opening… Croaker Spot Opening… Maria’s expanding… the potential development of the farmers marking now becoming a restaurant… by July the Southside Depot will be renovated. It’s a combination of all of those things happening.”

It looks like a taste of Hollywood will remain as the TV show “Turn” has already notified they city they will be returning soon to begin filming on its second season.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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