Fort Lee: “Thoughts are with Fort Hood”

Col. Paul Brooks, Garrison Commander at Fort Lee is thinking of his fellow soldiers after Wednesday evening’s shooting at Fort Hood.

“First of all, we’d like to say that our thoughts and prayers definitely go out to all the victims, their families and anyone else affected by all of this.”

Brooks has been in the army for almost 30 years and says the shooting at Fort Hood affects everyone in the military.

“It’s always a blow on morale because you never want to hear about your teammates, or anyone even associated with them have something like this happen.”

But in term of its effect on security, Brooks says security at Fort Lee has not changed at all due to this incident.

They are, however, reviewing specific protocols.

“We have asked the leadership to look at our shelter and place procedures as well as our active shooters procedures.”

Brooks wouldn’t go into detail about what those procedures entail, but he says Fort Lee has several different security formalities, many of which happen behind the scenes.

“Everybody sees the guard at the gate and the military police that are patrolling the installation itself, but we do have a layered approach that has more encompassing things that we look at.”

Brooks says they’ll stick to their everyday protocol.

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