Doctors Warn Against Dangerous “Eraser Challenge”

A dangerous trend called the “Eraser Challenge” is causing concern for parents and doctors.

Doctors say it could have some serious negative effects on the teens that play it.

Staci Thomas was shocked when she found out her son’s scars were from an eraser.

 “He came home with these deep cuts on the back of his hand, and it took a while to get him to tell me what he had done,” she says.

Thomas’ son had cuts on the back of his hand after playing the eraser challenge with friends. The game involves taking an eraser and rubbing it back and forth on your skin, reciting the alphabet until you get to the end.

“I was very surprised,” Thomas says. “The thought never crossed my mind that you could inflict such harm with an eraser.”

But it’s a game that’s being played across the country

“The challenge to see who could do it the longest,” says pediatrician Dr. David Arkin. “You’re going to often wind up with some disfigurement and some scarring. The scarring is going to permanent from these things.”

Arkin says the game could be much more dangerous and harmful than teens realize.

“Certainly could lead to infection… scarring… It could be a serious infection. Some blood bourne infection like HIV could certainly spread that way.”

Arkin says talking to your teenagers is a simple solution to prevent them from playing the game.

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