KKK Fliers Delivered to Chesterfield Homes

CHESTERFIELD (WRIC) – Thousands of people in Chesterfield have found fliers from the Ku Klux Klan on their driveways over the past few weeks.

Thursday morning the letters were discovered in at least three neighborhoods including Wrexham Estates, Walton Park and Deerfield Estates.

Police say whoever is dropping the fliers off isn’t doing anything illegal, but their message is offensive to many.

“I think it’s totally disgusting,” says Laura Wright.  “I’m very alarmed that this is happening in my neighborhood.”

“I hate to give it any thought or time,” says Blair Redding. ” I can’t believe anyone would ascribe or pay attention to that nonsense.”

The fliers say the organization believes in the preservation of the white race and the Constitution as it was originally written.

Frank Ancona, the Grand Wizard and President of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, tells 8News that his group is simply spreading its message.

“I don’t see why putting out the truth is considered hate,” he says.  “All Klansman – it’s their duty to try to find like minded people and get eligible people into our organization.”

The fliers were inside a plastic bag with a rock. What has many folks concerned is one line at the bottom of the letter that says all of Christian civilization depends on the preservation and upbuilding of the white race.

“This is not Christian,” Wright says.  “These people have nothing to do with Jesus Christ.”

While many are offended by the message, Ancona says it’s not hateful.

“We’re an organization that is looking out for the interest of America,” he says.

Chesterfield Police say distributing the fliers in driveways is not illegal but you are encouraged to report suspicious and out-of-place activities in your neighborhood.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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