VDOT Doubles Snow Removal Budget

RICHMOND (WRIC) – It may be the first day of spring but more winter weather could be headed our way. The question tonight is whether VDOT can still keep the roads clear after more than doubled its snow budget?
Every time more snow fell this winter, costs for VDOT would rise. Now it’s way over budget.

“We can’t remember a year in recent memory where we have exceeded our snow removal budget. Probably in the last 10 years we haven’t exceeded it.”

VDOT set aside $157 million for statewide removal, but now officials estimate having to spend $350 million. Richmond’s $11 million budget also doubled.

The problem wasn’t just the amount of snow that fell, but how frequent many of the storms were.

Those budget issues worried some drivers.

“I’m not happy they went over their budget,” says Brittany Person. “But I’m glad people were safe this winter. It was a terrible winter.”

The good news is that VDOT won’t stop clearing roads if they have to.

The snow budget comes out of a much larger maintenance fund of $1.8 billion so they will find the resources to clear any more snow and ice that could fall.

“Regardless of how severe the winter is or how many potholes it will cause, that is our mission critical job to make sure the roads are safe,” says VDOT spokesperson Tamara Rollison.

To make up for some of that money, paving projects and new equipment purchases may be delayed.

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