Strong Winds Bring Tree Crashing into Brandermill Home

CHESTERFIELD (WRIC) – Strong winds brought down a massive tree into the living room of a house in Brandermill. The tree caused extensive damage to the house, splitting it right down the middle.

No one was home when the tree toppled down, but the homeowner says they left minutes before the tree came crashing in.

Jeremy Jacobson says his family wasn’t planning on going out last night.

“A friend called and wanted us to go out to eat,” he says.” I got the kids out the bath and got them dressed and we walked out the door and about 10 minutes I get a phone call saying tree went through the house. I left the kids at the restaurant and came home and here’s the excitement I found.”

Jacobson says he and his neighbor have been worried about this tree for a while, and even talked about needing to cut down as recent as last week, worried something like this could happen, but Jacobson says while the tree destroyed his home, the situation could have been much worse.

“I would have been on that brown sofa right there, that’s where we would have been watching TV right before they went to bed.”

Now Jacobson is working with his insurance company, grabbing a few things out of the house as he stays with friends.

“I’m glad we left and went out to eat. I mean everything happens for a reason.  Counting my blessings, I do every day so this is just another reason to.”

Residents in the area say they are concerned about all the trees in Brandermill and want the homeowners association to do something about it

Jacobson says the Brandermill Homeowner’s Association takes too long to approve tree cutting and also thinks it should take on some of the responsibility.

“Brandermill comes through and does all this association stuff, and you pay all your dues and they’re worried about your mailboxes and this that and the other but they don’t ride around looking at these trees for situations like this,” he says.

“They bust chops about the yards and everything but they should look at some of the trees that need to be flagged and chopped down,” says resident Erich Farkash.

Meanwhile some residents disagree, saying people that buy in the area, know what they’re getting into.

“When they moved around here, when they came to check out the houses and stuff like that, they knew that a tree falling was one of the risks,” says resident Aaron Lucas.

The Brandermill Homeowner’s Association says any residents can find a form for tree removal on their website and that the association approves a majority of applications and usually respond within two days of a tree being tagged for removal. The association says they’ve never received any complaints about the issue before.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond


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