Emergency Roof Repairs Needed at Fairfield Elementary

RICHMOND (WRIC) – Emergency roof repairs need to be made to Fairfield Elementary School.

School officials are scrambling to figure out what to do with the students.  One child was already injured by a falling ceiling tile caused by leaks.

The roof is divided into three sections and one section needs to be repaired immediately after leaks, weather damage and aging materials led to a tile falling on a student.

School leaders acknowledge repairs have been needed for some time.  They were hoping to make them earlier this year but snowy weather prevented fixes and made the roof even worse.

Repairs were scheduled for spring break in a few weeks but after the tile fell, they’ll begin much sooner.

“At first when I heard about it I was kind of concerned but now that I see the school is being proactive and doing what needs to be done to protect the student,” says parent Tina Buskey. “That makes me feel better. That’s good because then that way we don’t have to worry about any more students being impacted or getting sick as well.”

550 students go to the school and many parents say they’re relieved fixes are finally being made to the school, which was built over 60 years ago.

Linwood Beaver had no idea the roof of his grandchildren’s school was in such bad shape.

“If that child would have really seriously injured themselves, it’d have been a sad day in Fairfield all because of a faulty leaking roof,” he says. “We gotta have a parent teacher meeting about this ongoing situation or something needs to be done.”

During repairs, four classes will be moved to Clark Springs Elementary School.

School system leaders say repairs should take about two weeks.  They hope to eventually fix the rest of the roof by this summer.
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