8News Street Squad: Dangerous Intersection at Idlewood and Boulevard

RICHMOND (WRIC) – Some drivers in Richmond are calling Idlewood Avenue and South Boulevard a horrible intersection and many are calling on the city for a change.
Drivers say it’s nearly impossible to make a left turn, which backs up traffic and that accidents seem to be frequent.
When the light is green, drivers heading westbound on Idlewood are able to cross, but the ones trying to make a left onto Boulevard are stuck yielding in the intersection.

Only two cars were able to turn – one of which did illegally once the light was red – and the rest of the cars are now stuck waiting for another cycle, which frustrates many.

Robin Brown has worked in a building right next to the intersection for 14 years and says the issues aren’t just traffic.

“This intersection is horrible,” she says. “I always jokingly say that we’re going to need therapy just for this intersection only. Basically what we here is errrrrrr… Boom!”

Richmond police say since 2010, there have been 24 reported accidents. But those nearby say hearing breaks screech or seeing fender benders not reported is very common.

Nearby construct in is causing even more problems at this intersection. But many drivers say that even before some of those lanes were close, that this has never been an easy intersection to cross.

Neighbors used the website See Click Fix to get the city’s attention on this matter. They feel a simple a left turn signal would solve the intersections problems.  The post got nearly 40 more votes of people that support it.

Brown says that left turn signal would make a big difference.

“If I’m trying to get home, to leave my building, to be able to run and get on the interstate, without having to stay at that light for five minutes because you can’t make the turn,” she says.

You can contact the city directly about this problem or others by dialing 311.

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