VDOT Snow Removal Cost $100 Million Over Budget

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RICHMOND (WRIC) – With every storm, VDOT crews work around the clock racking up over time to keep roads passable. But it’s taking a toll on the state agency and as adjustments are made it could mean a delay for some projects.

The cost of the salt, sand and extra labor to keep the roadways clear is piling up. The $157 million set aside for snow removal across the state this year wasn’t nearly enough.

“The storms have just been so widespread and it’s been an active year so this is almost unprecedented for us,” says VDOT spokesperson Lindsay LeGrand.

The state agency will have to cut back somewhere. VDOT is considering holding off on buying new equipment, limiting work with contractors and limiting overtime. But to do that, some paving projects may take longer to complete.

VDOT officials admit it could now take months instead of weeks for a road to be repaved.

But one thing VDOT won’t be cutting back on is its response to snow and ice.

“Safety is our number 1 priority so we are going to continue to perform snow removal tasks and perform pothole patching,” LeGrand. We won’t be skirting around any of those costs.”

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