Cronut Creator Concocts Milk and Cookie ‘Shots’

By Genevieve Shaw Brown

The summer of 2013 may go down in foodie history as the summer of the cronut.

But now that the cronut craze has (maybe slightly) subsided, creator Dominique Ansel had to come up with something else. After all, no self-respecting French baker wants to be known as a one-pastry wonder.

All hail the Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots.

It’s a shot glass made out of a chocolate-chip cookie and filled with icy cold milk. Shoot the milk, then eat the cookie.

Ansel posted his latest creation to his Instagram account earlier this week.  A spokesperson told ABC News the first Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots will be sampled on Sunday, March 9, at the SXSW Allison+Partners event. Yes, Ansel will be there and yes he will be making cronuts.

Jan’s Recipes

But when will Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots be coming to a city near you? Unclear. “As of right now it’s exclusively for SXSW,” the spokesperson said.

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