Surgical Technology Program at ECPI Goes High-Tech

RICHMOND (WRIC) – It has all the urgency of an operating room and as close to a real surgery as it gets, but the patients won’t feel a thing. The program’s students can practice what they’ve just learned in the classroom.

“They get to come from that right in here, touch it, feel it, see what it’s going to be like,” says ECPI Surgical Technology Program Director Charles Hughes

The brand new Syndaver Lab at ECPI is the only of its kind in Richmond and the training will allow students to be a second set of hands for the surgeon.

“Anything that happens with [the “patient”] is what would happen in everyday life and so I get a chance to deal with all kinds of wounds, all kinds of issues, it’s great,” says student Shalinda Crawford.

Other simulators have been around for years, but Hughes says they’re more like department store mannequins than humans.

The Syndaver has a pulse, the skin feels legit and she can be programmed to have complications, an increased heart rate and anything else to keep students on their toes until the final staple of surgery goes in.

“The patient comes first and taking care of that patient is always on your mind,” Crawford says.

Students say this type of training is beneficial and research shows it too. Studies have found simulation labs allow students to build confidence and skills before they ever come face-to-face with patients.


Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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