Police Patrol Fan Area Warning of Burglaries

RICHMOND (WRIC) – Dozens of cars and homes have been robbed in the Fan over the past few months and now two police departments are trying to put that to a stop with neighborhood walkthroughs.

Richmond and VCU police joined forces in hopes of cracking down on some recent crimes in the Fan area – specifically burglary.

Officers from both departments took to the streets of the fan, knocking on doors and leaving flyers on cars reminding neighbors to lock up and keep an eye out. 

“People are leaving items of value in plain view,” says Lt. Erlan Marshall. “Basically making themselves an easy target.”

Residents say the amount of break-ins to both cars and houses over the past few months spiked.

“Particularly over Christmas or when students come back from vacation,” says Roger Whitfield of the Fan District Association.

Police say if happened more than 20 times in January alone.

These thefts aren't just happening in the middle of the night, they're going on in broad daylight when people are at home or at work, which is why officers went patrolling this afternoon.

“So we're trying to walk when we have a time period for that type of crime.”

Neighbors say they are thankful police are keeping on their streets.

“If you let people know what's going on, we can something about it.”

Both police departments have had recent success with these walkthroughs. Just a few months ago, they did one in the Jackson Ward neighborhood with some success and they're hoping to have the same results with this walk through in the Fan.


Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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