8News Investigates: Henrico’s Most Dangerous Intersection

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC)—Earlier this month, ABC 8 News Anchor/Investigative Reporter Kerri O'Brien uncovered the most dangerous intersections in the City of Richmond. Now, she has discovered a particularly dangerous intersection in Henrico County, and the location might surprise you.

Cars leaving the Innsbrook office park rush toward West Broad Street, while drivers try to cross in the middle and other cars try to turn right out of the Innsbrook Shoppes. Cox Road and Innslake Drive is a chaotic intersection and all too often the scene of a crash.

Chris Galaboff knows first hand just how dangerous it can be to drive through the Glen Allen intersection during the morning, evening and lunch rush. In December, a driver trying to cross through slammed into him.

“I was hit with such force it knocked me off the pavement, into those bushes,” he said. “The traffic was slowing down because of the red lights, so I was slowing down and the car coming from the other direction struck my car. The car was totaled. I have a cracked rib.”

Galaboff later learned he wasn't the only one to crash there that day.

“Employees in the restaurant across the street heard the impact and came out, and one of the gentlemen said, “That's third accident this day.'”

O'Brien tried to cross through the intersection herself during the evening commute. With no stops signs or signals, you have to push out into the traffic, and you can't really see what's coming at you until you're in the middle of it.

“Some exit right, but then want immediately to get into the left lane, so there is a bottleneck that way,” Galaboff said. “So you have this way, that way and every which way.”

There evidence of accidents in the median, which is full of glass, turn signals, plastic and metal.

Last year, there were 20 accidents at the intersection. That's more than the City of Richmond's worst intersection downtown. In 2012, Cox Road and Innslake Drive was the site of 16 collisions.

John Cejka, a Henrico County traffic engineer, says the county is aware of the problems there. They've had complaints too.

“Actually put up some wrong way signs and some one way signs,” he said. “One of the complaints … was that people were driving southbound in the northbound lanes.”

Cejka also says the county is in the midst of a traffic study here to see what more they can do to curb the crashes.

“We have recently done some traffic counts,” Cejka said. “We just did them last week to investigate, to see if any king of physical barrier needs to be put up to prohibit some movements.”

Galaboff has his own suggestions.

“Close it off so nobody can cross in either direction—option one. Option two: put a light up,” he said.

Traffic engineers say a traffic light is not likely, since the intersection is so close to West Broad Street. They might limit left turns from the side streets instead.


If you have a story for Anchor/Investigative Reporter Kerri O'Brien to look into, email her at KerriInvestigates@wric.com, like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter (@Kerri8News).


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