Neknominate: ‘Lethal’ Drinking Game Sweeps Social Media

RICHMOND (WRIC) – A social
media drinking game that started overseas is now in our area and it can be

The game is called Neknominate
and it's encouraging young adults to film themselves downing large amounts of
alcohol and then nominate a friend to outdo them.

At least five people under
the age of 30 have died as a result of this game. Health professionals as well
as college counselors are warning people to think twice before giving into peer

From drinking a whole
pitcher of beer, to drinking alcohol out of a toilet, Neknominate videos are
posted on Facebook or YouTube for the whole world to see.

Counselors at VCU say they
are always communicating with students the dangers of drinking.

“Stupid drinking is always dangerous,
absolutely,” says Linda Hancock. “People who maybe started this game have mega
issues and so we like to take the students mega issues and help them rethinking
and maybe get into recovery or get some support for what they need.”

Worldwide at least five
under the age of 30 have died after drinking deadly booze.

Kyle Austin participates
in the game.

“The point [of the game] pretty
much is there is no point,” he says. “It's basically to show who is the king of
the squad.”

He says he believes the
game itself isn't dangerous, but he says some people take the game too far.

“There's adult in all
of us, but there is also a kid in all of us that wants to play. Men are very,
we want to win, we want victory, but you can't go but so far.”

It's thought to have
started Australia but is now criss crossing the world.


Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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