Nurses Don’t Get Snow Days

some are enjoying snow days, others have to make the trek into work and that
includes nurses.

“The work we do is 24
hours a day,” says Nurse Nellie League. “It doesn't stop because of the
weather. We don't close. Our patients expect us to provide the same level of
care whether it's raining or snowing or whatever is going on outside.”

Bon Secours asking for
volunteers with four wheel drive to help get those that help patients into

“Driving on these roads
makes me quite nervous,” says Judy Galetta. “Having this wonderful service took
a heavy load off my mind.”

Chris Brown says he was
watching the news Wednesday night when he saw that the nurses needed a lift. He's
one of 30 drivers that volunteered to take them to the hospital today, saying
he was just glad he could help.

“My daughter Eleanor was born here at this
hospital and my mom used to be a nurse so I just wanted to come help out and
get the nurses into work so they could help out people,” he says.

The staff calls it heartwarming
to see such a response.


Copyright 2014 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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