City of Richmond Prepares for Snow Storm

RICHMOND (WRIC)—When the snow starts falling, the City of Richmond is in charge of clearing its own streets. Despite some leadership changes, the city says it is ready for whatever Wednesday's snowstorm may bring.

“It's business as usual,” said Sharon North, the public information manager for the City of Richmond's Department of Public Works. “Over the years we have gotten pretty accustomed to dealing with the inclement weather and the snow storms, so we're ready to handle it.”

Eventually, city workers will begin pre-treating bridges and top priority roads like Broad Street.

“Once the storm is imminent, we will begin going into actual snow mode with our work crews and switching to our 12 hour shifts, so we are pretty much prepared,” North said.

Snow storms last month did take a bite out of the budget, but DPS says no matter what, it will always get the job done, even with numerous snow storms.

“The fact is, the work has to be done,” North said.  “Even when our budget is lower or we exhaust the budget, the removal will continue. We will still pre-treat roads; we will still get the snow up.”

If you live along a snow route where signs are posted, you must move your car.

“We need to get down those streets,” North said. “Those are the streets police and fire and ambulances will use should there be an emergency.”


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