Pro-Ballpark Signs Being Stolen in Church Hill Neighborhood

RICHMOND (WRIC) – Someone stealing lawn signs may seem like a petty theft, but the losses are getting old for some people.

Bennett Smith say it's one thing if it was a prank that just happened to him, but six neighbors have reported stolen signs and many residents think those opposed to the ballpark are responsible.

“There's a distinct group of people up in Church Hill that are just against it no matter what,” he says. “From day one without hearing any details. They're just against it. I believe it's those people.”

Smith says that he had to put his sign in the window of his living room, which is something that many neighbors may have to think about doing if these sign thefts keep happening.

Neighbors say the signs are important because it helps keep the Church Hill and Shockoe Bottom communities to continue to improve and stealing is a step in the wrong direction.

The proposed ballpark could bring millions of dollars in investments to the area.

“It's an area with a lot of thoughtful people,” says Mark Kronenthal. “It's a surprise that it would be going on in our neighborhood.”

After more signs were stolen Friday, one neighbor contacted police. But there's not much they can do unless they actually catch someone in the act.

In the meantime, people say they will continue to show their support.

“It's not going to persuade anyone to change their position. It's just silly and it needs to stop,” Smith says.


Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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