Biden Says Presidential Decision Will Come Next Summer

By Kate Bolduan | CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN)—Vice President Joe Biden
joked this week that being able to drive his Corvette – is one good
reason not to run. But, when asked if there was any other good reason
not to run, Biden responded simply.

“I can't.”

“There may be reasons I don't run, but there's no obvious reason for
me why I think I should not run,” he said in the interview with Kate Bolduan on CNN's “New Day.”

Biden went on to say he would make a decision “realistically, a year this summer.”

This interview took place at one stop along Biden's campaign-style
tour pushing the President's “year of action” as set out from the State
of the Union address.

The President is giving Biden six months to develop a taskforce to
reform federal jobs training and bridge more than 10 million unemployed
Americans with unfilled jobs.

“The income inequity in this country is profound.  The middle class
is shrinking,” Biden said to Bolduan following an earlier event in
Philadelphia focused on infrastructure and transportation efforts.

But, the focus on the middle class is being overshadowed by another
daunting issue likely to follow both Democrats and Republicans leading
up to midterm elections: immigration.

House Speaker Boehner said on Thursday
that immigration reform is unlikely this year because his caucus
doesn't trust the President after how Obama handled the healthcare law
and his recent string of executive actions. Boehner said the President
has fed distrust by changing the law “on a whim,” and “telling everyone
that he's going to keep acting on his own.”

Responding to those comments, Biden told Bolduan he still thinks “we can get this done” – and that “it doesn't take much time.”

He added that House Speaker Boehner is under “a great deal of
pressure from the Right.” But that, “he'll work his way through this.”

“We should let them figure their caucus out,” he said.

Still, a Senate-passed immigration bill is currently stalled in the
House – and has been largely contended by Republicans who say border
security has to be addressed before the question of legal status.

A Q&A released by Boehner's office on Wednesday – titled “Draft Standards for Step-by-Step Immigration Reform,” writes that “the House's approach would prohibit a special path to citizenship for those living here outside the law.”

When asked whether he would support a bill that falls short of
offering a pathway to citizenship, Biden said it's “clearly not our

“Any bill that passes out of the House has to go through a conference
committee with the Senate, which passed overwhelmingly a pathway to

A new CNN/ORC poll
released the same day as Speaker Boehner's news conference shows
American attitudes have changed on what immigration reform should look
like – with 54% now supporting a pathway to citizenship to the 41% who
say the focus should be on border security.

It's a critical time for the Obama administration as their legacy
issues like immigration and gun control are continually blocked in
Congress. This as Democrats have become increasingly worried about how
the botched roll-out of the President's health care law will affect them
in November elections.

So, does that mean the President said he will stay out of the races? Biden says “that's not universally true.”

“There's some places where I can go in and the president can't. There
are some places where it makes no sense for me to go in or for the
president to go in,” he said.

But, Biden says he's “truly optimistic about this year's races.”

“The prospects of Democrats running for Congress, incumbents in the
Senate, I think we are in the best shape we can be.” he said. “On every
major issue, the public agrees between 51 and 70 percent with the
position taken by the president of the United States and the Democratic

Midterms are likely to be the focal point of next week's House
Democratic retreat where the President and Vice President will be
headline speakers.

So, where does this all leave Biden should he jump into his own
election in a little over a year – far behind front-runner Hillary

A recent Washington-ABC poll has the Vice President lagging far behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – who voters choose 73% to his 12%.

Biden said his decision would be determined by whether he is “the best qualified person.”

“That doesn't mean I'm the only guy that can do it,” he said. “But if
no one else, I think, can, and I think I can, then I'd run. If I don't,
I won't.”


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