Dept. of Justice Will Pay for Tracking Devices for Children with Autism

RICHMOND (WRIC) – The Department of Justice recently announced it will pay for tracking devices to help find kids with autism who wander off.

The decision was inspired by legislation introduced in Congress called “Avonte's Law.” It's named after a New York City teen that died after wandering away from school last fall.

Officials say a tracking device would have helped find missing kids with autism. Now the Justice Department will help more kids get them through federal grants.

Robin Davis runs camps, home school and after school care for kids with autism.

“I think it's fabulous,” she says. “I think it's extremely helpful and I think it's long overdue. We've had children that are considered a runner where the anxiety is so strong and they're not able to communicate how they feel, and something might trigger it and they take off running.”

She says for some kids with autism, this literally could be a life saver

“Just to have that one piece there where you know that if they go outside and wander away that you do have the capability to be able to track them pretty quickly, that's huge.”

Currently, the Justice Department funds tracking devices for the elderly with Alzheimer's through grants. That funding is being extended to kids with autism.


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