CVS Stores to Stop Selling Tobacco

CHESTERFIELD (WRIC) – CVS is saying they'll no longer sell
tobacco products in its 7,000 pharmacies nationwide.

The president of CVS says
they thought long and hard about losing that money, but in the end, improving
people's health is their main mission.

Craig Patel, a pharmacist
and the owner of the Buford Road pharmacy, says CVS is taking a step in the
right direction. People come to the drug store for medicine and medical advice.

“They come here and get
medicine, so if you sell the same product that harms them, it doesn't really
make sense for being a pharmacist,” he says.

Patel says his pharmacy
has opted not to sell harmful products for that very reason. He hopes that
having a big name like CVS making this move will put pressure on others to

definitely going to encourage other chain stores as well who are selling
tobacco and hopefully looking at CVS and other pharmacies,” he says. “They are
not encouraging all these products. They might cut down as well. Hopefully that
way the customer will understand the value of not having nicotine in their

And people seem to agree
that thinking a place that promotes a health and wellness is not the place to
get buy something that is known to be so damaging to your body.

“I think people need all
the encouragement they can not to start to smart smoking,” says Betsy

“I think it's probably in
their best interest not to sell tobacco based on the fact that they're trying
to sell drugs and pharmaceuticals to support good health,” says Vince Jacob. “So
it seems like a conflict of interest to some degree.”

Several other local
pharmacies 8News reached out to say they also have no cigarette policy.

Meanwhile, the White House
is supporting the move and says it will help reduce tobacco related deaths and
bring down health care costs.  

All 7,600 CVS locations will be phasing out tobacco products
by the end of this year.  


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