After Multiple Snow Storms, What’s Left in VDOT Budget?

past two weeks, two storms produced accumulating snow, and with more snow
forecasted for Monday, VDOT says they are more than halfway past their budget.

Lindsay LeGrand with VDOT
says $10.4 million were budgeted for snow removal for the Richmond district
this year.

“Two major storms in to
the 2013-2014 season and that budgeted money is being used quite fast,” she
says. “At this point in the snow season, we are at least halfway through our
snow removal budget.”

Last year VDOT set aside
the same $10.4 million for snow removal and at the end of the season
they came in under budget at an even 10 million.

But this year, LeGrand
says before the season even started they spent $4 million of this year's $10.4
million on equipment upgrades, and the costs of removing snow is also adding

“At full mobilization in
the Richmond district we spend about a million dollars, a little over, every
single day that we're at that particular staffing level.

LeGrand says VDOT is batting a thousand when
it comes to their budget

“Within the past 10
years we have not gone over our snow removal budget for the Richmond

If VDOT were to go over
budget this year, they say they will pull money from their general maintenance
fund to continue clearing the streets.


Independent localities
such as Richmond and Henrico take care of their own snow removal.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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