Snowy Nights Mean Big Business for Restaurants

RICHMOND (WRIC) – Despite this snow and freezing temperatures, it's been pretty busy in Richmond bars and restaurants. Local owners say snowy nights can mean big business.

Ben Surber lives in the Fan. He's just walking distance from Sidewalk Café, which on this snowy night was extremely busy.

“Nice coming into a nice, warm environment like Sidewalk,” he says. “So I came here for taco night.”

So did a lot of people.

“I definitely came out here because I didn't want to stay home and cook or find something to cook,” says Tim Holmes. “So.this was definitely a better idea.”

And owners also like that idea – especially when the snow comes on a weekday that would otherwise be slower.

“The weather like this…people feel like they're not working tomorrow and it puts them in good spirit and they're out drinking and eating and having a good time,” says restaurant owner John Giavos.

But not everyone is coming out. At Piccola Italy Pizza, they're busy with delivery orders.

“And once it started to snow, we get a lot of calls in,” says owner Rick Lo Bresti. “People going online also, they send in through fax machine, and we get a lot of orders.”

Lo Bresti says business has been up 30 percent.

“I would say people just want to stay cozy in the house and stay warm and they want to eat something hot I guess. And pizza I think is a good item.”

And those who don't mind venturing out, it can help boost business as well.

“I figured we would take full advantage. and yeah, snow doesn't slow us down.”


Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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