Snow Crews Moving on to Secondary Roads

RICHMOND (WRIC) – Most highways are clear of snow but secondary roads and neighborhoods remain treacherous.

Crews in the city have been working through the night and this morning to get the main roads clear and they say they pretty much have those done. Now they've moved on to secondary roads, many of which are still covered in snow.

It didn't take long for Richmond Public Works to clear and treat main roads before the city was already moving on to snow covered secondary roads.

Bobby Vincent, Deputy Director of Operations, says crews were even more prepared this week after last week's storm, saying they knew which areas they were going to have to tackle first and provide additional attention to.

“We've already started with our treatment of sand or sand/salt combinations,” he says. “We always do a dry run snow operation during the summertime but nothing helps prepare you like a snow event, so last week's event did prepare us particularly with some of our downtown streets such as 7th and 9th.”

But storms in back to back weeks has taken a chunk of out of the budget.

“It does impact the budget, sand and salt does not come cheap and we are in the process of ordering more of both of those materials.”

Vincent says luckily no hurricanes or tropical storms has them in good shape should another significant weather system make its way through the Richmond area. For now, they have one message for residents:

“We just ask our citizens to be patient, be safe and take care, and if we haven't gotten to you yet, we're on the way.”

After they finish with secondary roads crews will move into neighborhoods.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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