New Bill Calls for More Room for Bikes

have to watch how close you drive near bike riders.

A new bill before the General
Assembly would change how much room you should give.

Braden Govoni bikes to and
from work through Richmond every day and he never feels entirely safe on the

“At least once a ride, someone
is well within two feet. And it's pretty unnerving,” he says.

A bill before the General
Assembly might help. It would require drivers to give bike riders more room as
they pass.

Currently the law in Virginia
allows for two feet of passing room. Two feet isn't a lot to work with, so the
new law would move that to three feet, giving the bike rider and driver a lot
to work with.

Senator Bryce Reeves from Fredericksburg
has tried to pass this before. It's been tough because even supporters say it's
a tough law to hold drivers to.

there's a plan on law enforcement to actually enforce it, what good is the law?”
he says.

22 other states enforce
similar measures and supporters say the law encourages non-riders to give
bicycling a shot. And the more riders there are, the safer they can be.

you're being constantly reminded that you're sharing a road with other types of
cars, it's easy to forget,” Govoni says.

The bill has already
passed through committee and should be voted on in the next few weeks.


Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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