Chesterfield Student Holiday Now Regular School Day

CHESTERFIELD (WRIC) – Attention, Chesterfield students. This coming Monday, which was supposed to be a student holiday and teacher workday, will now be a regular school day.

From Chesterfield Schools:

Thank you for your patience as we worked through the predicted and subsequently realized winter weather.

Please read the entire post as it covers Friday's plans as they stand at this point, a change in Monday's schedule and a change to the end of the first semester.

Friday, Jan. 24 – No decision has been made yet about student attendance, as we continue to monitor road conditions and work done on secondary neighborhood roads traveled by our 500-plus buses. If students do not attend, this day will be treated as a teacher workday. A final decision regarding student attendance and time employees are to report will be announced later.

Monday, Jan. 27 – Students and staff report to school. This is no longer a teacher workday. Students should report to school. (Students already have lost nearly 4 days of second-quarter instructional time due to winter weather.)

In order to accommodate testing and other work that was scheduled to have occurred this week for first-semester credit, the end of the first semester will now be Friday, Jan. 31. The report card schedule will be pushed back a week.

Because the second nine weeks will end later than scheduled, the end of the third nine weeks will be pushed back as well. Friday, April 4, will now be the end of the third nine weeks. This shift means that, as of now, each of the four nine weeks will have approximately the same number of days.

Again, thank you for your patience as we worked through this week and the implications it has had on weeks to come. Just remember, we're only halfway through winter.

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