Drivers Deal with Winter Weather

state police have responded to more than 1,600 calls for service statewide. One
fatality has been reported in Frederick County.

Driving conditions will only get worse overnight.

The trickiest part of
driving is that some that parts of the road are clear, but within seconds, you
could run into an icy patch in the highway and that's when you could get into

On Tuesday evening, a
driver ran straight off I-95 and into a ditch. State police and VDOT had to
come help that driver out.

Public transportation was
a hassle too.

'”It's been rough,”
says Gregory Reynolds. “We were supposed to be here at 5:50, and we just
arrived around 8.”

That wasn't the only issue
for people at the Greyhound station near the Diamond.

“The power went out
in good old Richmond bus station.”

Just a few blocks away, a
motel where some travelers took refuge lost power too.

“This is private use.
I was kidding with the guests. I told them to bundle up the power will be back
on shortly. “

8News was there when the
lights came back on but that wasn't it for weary travelers.

“I was on my way to Ohio,
but it's snowing up there.”

Significant snow in other
parts of the country could delay their travels for days.


 Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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