Snow Delays Passengers at RIC Airport

winter storm is to blame for hundreds of airline cancellations nationwide.

Passengers at Richmond
International Airport spent the day waiting as flight after flight got
canceled because of the snow.

Nathan Pickering is on his
way to Newark – or was, until his plane got canceled.

“I'm going to find a
corner of the floor and go to sleep,” he says.

“When flights keep
getting delayed and delayed, if it's because of weather they often get
canceled in the end so I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being canceled,”
says Jerry Lerman.

Airport officials
anticipate more cancellations as the weather gets worse. Most major airlines
are waiving re-booking fees to cities affected by the weather.

Navigating roads in the
snow could be tricky. AAA says if you don't have to drive, then don't.

But as a precaution Evan
Matthews plans to stay indoors tomorrow. He remembers the last major snow storm
in 2010 and all the car accidents. 15 people were killed that year in
snow-related crashes.

If you do drive, AAA recommends
increasing your following distance by 10 seconds. They'll also have additional
resources available to help stranded drivers.


Copyright 2014 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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