Red Cross Launches Pet First Aid App

RICHMOND (WRIC)—Everything you need to know to help your dog or cat in an emergency is now available at your fingertips.

On Thursday, the American Red Cross issued a new pet first aid app with how-to videos and more.

Drew Turnbull is out for some morning fun with 12-year-olds Deuce and Lil Miss, and his parents' dog, Libbie. At home and as a volunteer with Southside SPCA, Turnbill has dealt with his fair share of pet emergencies.

“We always hear things about dogs eating things that they shouldn't—chocolate, or, you know, any one of those number of things,” he said. “Christmastime, you have poinsettias and things like that; those are poisonous plants.”

These emergencies are so common that the American Red Cross put 25 first-aid scenarios for dogs and cats all in one place: a mobile app.

Jonathan McNamara, a spokesperson for the American Red Cross, says in addition to featuring videos showing what to do step by step, the app lets you store your pet's medical records, find a vet and even a place to stay with your cat or dog if you need to evacuate.

“It's click, and it's gonna walk you through all the steps to help get your animal in a better situation,” McNamara said. “It's also helpful when you're on vacations, or if you're on the road and you're looking for a hotel that's pet-friendly; this is gonna allow you to find that quicker, and hopefully it's a good tool.”

Pet owners like Turnbull applaud the American Red Cross for designing the app, because you never know what's going to happen, and when you'll need to spring into action at a moment's notice.

“Pets are really just, you know, an extension of your family; they are your family members,” Turnbull said. “You just don't wanna have anything happen to ‘em.”

The app costs 99 cents and is available for Apple and Android devices.


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