Thousands Will Run in Honor of Meg Menzies

to honor Meg Menzies, an avid runner and mother of three who was killed by a
drunk driver on Monday
, has gone viral. Thousands of runners across the globe
will lace up their sneakers on Saturday and hit the pavement in her honor.

started out as a friend asking her running group on Facebook to
dedicate this Saturday to the mother of three. But thanks to the power of
social media, people as far away as New Zealand will now run for Meg.

When Brooke Roney heard about her
friend Meg Menzies' death, she took to Facebook, detailing the horrific
accident and reminding runners to stay safe. That post sparked a conversation
and the idea of a virtual run.

“Her smile lit up a room. She was a
very kind person, very gentle,” Roney said. “As a fellow runner, I knew this
was a way I could honor her from afar.”

So Roney, who now lives in Texas, created
an online event, but had no clue how far word would travel. She's asking folks
to dedicate their Saturday run to Menzies, and post pictures and thoughts on
social media using #MegsMiles. Soon, people from as far away as California and
South Africa were signing up.

Gary Rush from Canada posted on
Facebook, “Meg, this run's for you.”

“I think it just goes to show you
the running community is very close all over the country and all over the world,”
Roney said. “We'll run for one another.”

Roney says she hopes this event will
also raise awareness about drunk driving, runner safety and drivers needing to
share the road.

funeral will be held 11 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 17 at Cool Spring Baptist Church
in Hanover County. The church is expecting several hundred people to attend,
and the service will be held at the worship center at 9283 Atlee Station Road.


Copyright 2014 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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