‘Quitter in You’ Program Treats Area Smokers

RICHMOND (WRIC)—Just two weeks into
2014, many smokers who resolved to quit in the New Year are still struggling
with their addiction. But a new program offers resources to help them quit once
and for all.

Margie Adcock teaches seventh-grade
math at Carver Middle School in Chester. Now, six years after officially
kicking the habit, she says she—not nicotine—controls her life in and out of
the classroom.

“That was what was so hard is, all
day you would worry about when was I going to get out and where was I going to
go to get that cigarette in?” she said. “[Now] I don't have those worries.”

Adcock is helping the American Lung
Association and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield spread the word about their campaign
called “Quitter
in You
.” The program offers cessation counseling, medication and other
support to smokers in the Richmond region.

Dr. John Michos, the medical director
of Anthem Virginia, says there are 1.5 million smokers in Virginia who are
battling psychological and physiological addictions.

“Tobacco rates are higher in the
Richmond area, and diseases associated with tobacco abuse or diseases that are worsened
by tobacco, such as asthma, are very prevalent,” Michos said. “Attempting to
treat both those aspects of the disease is critically important.”

Former smokers like Adcock have been
there. Now that she's won her fight, she's a champion for programs like “Quitter
in You,” and shares lessons with her students that she learned the hard way.

“It is a struggle, and it was
something that I overcame,” Adcock said. “But I do tell ‘em it's the only thing
that they can be proud of actually quitting.”

All “Quitter in You” programs are
free and now offered throughout Central Virginia.


Copyright 2014 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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