Dinwiddie Parents Not Notified about Kindergartner Left on Bus

parents in Dinwiddie County are outraged that they heard nothing about a
5-year-old Kindergartener who was left on a school bus and found walking alone
around town
Monday morning.

Some parents learned about the
incident from their neighbors or from ABC 8 News, but heard nothing from
Dinwiddie County Public Schools.

Dorothy Walker and her family are
hands on at their daughter's school; they know the bus driver, teachers and
principal. So, they are surprised they heard nothing from Sutherland Elementary
School on Monday, when a 5-year-old fell asleep on the school bus, was left
alone and later found wandering along Courthouse Road.

“Well, yes, I am shocked,” Walker
said. “Yes, I would have liked to have had a phone call saying that a child was
missing. But, I believe as long as they called and notified the child's
parents, and notified those children living in that particular area, that was a
good thing also.”

The bus driver parked the bus at Mt.
Level Baptist Church on Courthouse Road after dropping students off at
Sutherland Elementary School. When the Kindergartner woke up on the empty bus,
he got out and started walking. A passerby saw the boy and notified the
Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office, and a deputy dropped him off at school.

“In this case, one of our drivers
made a mistake,” said William Clark, the superintendent of DCPS.

Drivers are supposed to check the
buses before leaving, and the school system is now investigating what went
wrong and considering retraining its bus drivers.

Even though many parents are upset
that they weren't notified of Monday morning's incident, they are thankful the
boy was unharmed.

“I know they're probably angry,
because the bus driver didn't take the time to look to see if all the children
were off the bus,” Walker said.

DCPS says the bus driver in question
had a good record prior to Monday.


Copyright 2014 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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