911 Calls Released from Hopewell Hit and Run

HOPEWELL (WRIC) – The 911 calls from a hit and run that injured a 4-year-old and five other people the day after Christmas have been released.

Several people witnessed
the hit-and-run in the Canterbury area of Hopewell. Police arrived within
minutes, but before they got there, many frantic calls for help were made to

“Hello we have an
emergency. Somebody just came by and hit two kids.”

One chilling call after

“There's a girl laying in
my backyard. Can't move.”

“There's three people on
the ground. The child is on the ground. Her mother's holding her. She can't

Everyone on the line
begging for help.

“She hit the baby! She hit
the baby!”

“Is the vehicle still
there?” “Yes the vehicle riding up and down the street but the people still
laying out here in my yard.”

After seeing six people
run down near Gloucester and Bolling Drive in Hopewell.

It happened in Antonio
Stanford's backyard
the day after Christmas.

Police say 24-year-old Satesha
Linton got behind the wheel of her car and drove into the crowd of people. The
youngest was just four years old.

“I think she panicked and
hysterically just kept driving back and forth up and down and I kept telling
her ‘hand me the keys' ‘hand me the keys and get out of the car,'” Stanford

Police say before the
wreck, Linton, the driver of the car, had been involved in some sort of
altercation with the people she was trying to run down.  

She's being charged with
driving without a license and six felony counts of hit and run.

Linton was taken into
custody when officers arrived and no one was seriously injured.

“I just thank God that it
wasn't severe and it's a blessing that nobody got hurt severely,” Stanford

This isn't Linton's first
run-in with the law. She has several convictions on her driving record
including driving without a license.


Copyright 2014 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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