Police 2013 Report: Crime Rate Down in Richmond

(WRIC) – The 2013 crime report for Richmond is out and overall it's good
news for the city.

Compared to 2012, there was a four percent drop in all categories —
violent, property and major crime.

Murders were down 37 from 44.

Chief Ray Tarasovic shared the numbers for his first year on the job.

“We are getting things accomplished because we are intense about the
way we do business,” he says.

But Tarasovic says it's hard to get satisfaction from crime reduction
because there's so much more work to do.

Joined by precinct and sector leaders, Tarasovic calls Richmond a safer city
than it was a decade ago, thanks to the partnership between police and the

“Most crimes don't get cleared by fingerprints, don't get cleared by
video, some CSI magic… Most crimes get cleared and arrests get made because
someone saw it occur.”

Doctor Geoffrey Cooper, president of the Church Hill Association, says
that's the way it has to be to keep crime down.

“We're all friends, we're all neighbors and we watch out for each other,”
he says. “Police are out and about. They're part of the community and it's nice
to see them and work with them.”

Eyes and ears on the streets help to make arrests.

Last year, Richmond stomped the national clearance rate for most crimes and Tarasovic
says it's not a closed book for cases that still need to be solved.

“We don't shut down on December 31, clean the slate at midnight and
then begin again on January 1. Our job is continuous.”

While most crimes were down in the city, there were two spikes that Chief
Tarasovic doesn't take lightly — purse snatching and shoplifting.

He says his plan for 2014 includes more community awareness to prevent these
incidents, along with an effort by his officers to react more quickly.


Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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