Patrick Henry Charter School Holds Classes Without Heat

RICHMOND (WRIC) – Patrick Henry
Charter School opened on Tuesday on a two-hour delay due to freezing
temperatures, but as the day progressed, the classrooms became colder and
colder and school wasn't let out early.

Classes for majority of
the 230 students at Patrick Henry were actually moved into different areas of
the building including the cafeteria and hallways.

School administrators had
the heating system checked, they discovered that wasn't the problem.

“They brought in
what's called a lazar point thermostat, and they had 100 degrees coming out of
the heating units themselves,” says Deborah Corliss of the Patrick
Henry Charter School Board

Turns out the freezing
wind chills made its way through the 
school's classroom windows.

“It's very difficult
for the heating systems to keep up when you have that issue with the window,”
Corliss says.

By the time school
administrators figured out the problem Tuesday afternoon, they had to make a
tough decision.

“It was a ‘do we get
school to be let out early' or ‘do we work with what we have?' We determined we
could work with what we have. We felt the safety of the children and staff was

Corliss says she and the
principal evaluated the problem and determined school had to be closed for Wednesday
as adjustments were made to the windows.

“I think when we get
the installation around the windows, that's going to be extremely helpful,” she
says. “And when this arctic blast gets out of Richmond, that's going to be
extremely helpful as well.”

Long term plans are
underway to either replace or renovate the windows in the 100-year-old
building. However, the cost is in the ballpark of $500,000 and certain
guidelines must be followed with the department of historic resources.

Meanwhile, the
installation adjustments are expected to be done Wednesday evening and Patrick
Henry plans to operate on the same schedule as Richmond Public Schools for Thursday.


Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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