How to Keep Your Child Safe from Child Pornography

RICHMOND (WRIC) – 31-year-old
Philip Dietrich was wanted in Richmond for 10 outstanding felony child
pornography indictments.  He was arrested
yesterday in Henrico
and the detectives working the case say now's the time
for you to keep your child from becoming a victim.

Detectives working the
case say now's the time for you to keep your child from becoming a victim

“If your child's upstairs
in their room – they have that tablet, that smart phone or that computer – then
a child predators in that room with them,” Det. Kevin Hiner says. “These
offenders are out there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Police found Dietrich
during an undercover sting targeting people distributing online child porn in
the Richmond area.

The crime is all too

“Just as technology grows
different users sophistication grows and criminals are no different.”

Detectives say there are
things you can do to keep your children from becoming victims.

Don't let them have
smartphones, tablets, or laptops in their bedroom. Keep computers in an open
area and don't post photos of your son or daughter at the beach.

“These predators will find
these pictures and they'll take them and trade them with other offenders,”
Hiner says.

Police say above all, talk
to your child about Internet crime. It could save their life.

“The right to privacy is
outweighed by our child's right to their own innocence and their childhood.”

Police say over the past
year they've arrested several other people who've been sharing child porn in
the Richmond area.  Those people could
face state and federal charges. 

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