West End Rescue Changes Name to Richmond Volunteer Rescue Squad

years, the West End Rescue has saved lives not only in Henrico County, but the City
of Richmond as well.

The confusion led to some Richmonders
not knowing the group even existed.

So now the group is called
the “Richmond Volunteer Rescue Squad” and the name change has one goal:

“Increase awareness within
the community that we're here. That we provide this service to the community,” says
Asst. Chief Thomas Hudson.

Volunteers hope the
rebranding effort pays off.

Over the last five years,
the rescue squad has seen their donations drop by more than 80 percent.

The new logos – with the
trendy “RVA” sign at the heart – could change that.

“Love it… Hate it… You
will see it. And you will remember it,” says Vice President Sara Hudson. “And
that's what we wanted to accomplish.”

While the group works
under the Richmond Ambulance Authority, they're responsible for their own bills
and upkeep and all the first responders are unpaid.

“We're a
small group of volunteers but we have a lot of heart,” Sara Hudson says. “A lot
of people involved in this process put in their own money for uniforms, for signage.”

The building's new sign
was donated by a local artist and put up this past Sunday.

The rebranding is also to
show that the rescue squad doesn't just save lives.    It provides valuable training for future
doctors, nurses, EMTs and others who could eventually do it full time in Central

“It's a living
breathing business,” Thomas Hudson says. “People who may not want to get on an
ambulance or answer 911 calls can still come here and volunteer and still gain
very valuable experience.

The volunteers also handle
their own marketing, which they hope can make their services even better.

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