Double-Chinned, Plus-Size Barbie Sparks Debate

RICHMOND (WRIC)—Should America's most iconic blonde come with curves? wants to know if plus-size Barbie dolls should appear on toy store shelves.

The website posted a picture of a curvy, double-chinned Barbie to its Facebook page on Dec. 18 asking, “Should toy companies start making Plus Sized Barbie dolls? ‘Like' = Yes, Absolutely! Comment = No, bad idea.” In just over a week, the picture earned nearly 40,000 likes, 4,600 comments and 2,500 shares.

Many who weighed in are pulling for a reinvented, more realistic Barbie, while others are outraged at the image, saying an obese doll promotes unhealthiness.

One Facebook user commented, “Sure, but Barbie doesn't need a double chin. You can be ‘plus size' w/o the double chin. They could make a ‘thick' Barbie.”

Another wrote, “Why not have a realistically proportioned Barbie that promotes healthy diet and exercise?”

What do you think? Click here to tell us your thoughts on the ABC 8 News Facebook page.


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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