Thieves Targeting Packages on Porches

RICHMOND (WRIC) – Christmas
is coming early for thieves on the hunt for your presents.

They're casing Central
Virginia neighborhoods looking for packages on porches. They are easy to spot
just by driving by. And if you don't pick them up quickly, they could

John Monsolino had it happen
to him, and his church hill neighbor caught the theft in the act.

The man dressed in purple shows
up, opens the box and grabs some expensive items at one point dropping a

“[He] just opened up the
box took out the eight items that were in it,” he says. “It's $900. That's a
lot of money now a days.”

With the holidays
approaching, now's the perfect time for Christmas criminals to act and police
say they don't have to look far to find targets.

“If you drive down the street
and you look at the front porch of a home or maybe of an apartment building you
see packages stacked up in front,” says Lt. David Naoroz.

Most times the thief has
no idea what he's taking, but many don't care. They just want what they can

As for Monosolino, he's
now requiring signature confirmation on everything he orders online.

“I think that's the best
thing to do especially right now when everybody is so desperate.”

Police say have the
packages delivered to your work or a neighbor or, if that's not possible, ask
the carrier to drop it at a side or back door.


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