Chesterfield County Registrar in Legal Battle After Refusing to Purge Voters

CHESTERFIELD (WRIC) –  Chesterfield County Registrar Larry
Haake is in a legal battle after refusing to purge thousands of voter

Before this year's
election, he and other registrars were told to erase the names of people who
weren't legally allowed to vote in Virginia.

The Chesterfield County Registrar
refused until after the election, claiming the list was full of errors.

Two groups are now
threatening legal action, and demanding he clean up the rolls.

True the vote is an
organization that says its goal is to protect the rights of legitimate voters
and when they heard that the Chesterfield County Registrar has not complied
with the State Board of Elections by purging thousands of voters from the rolls,
they threatened legal action.

But the Registrar says
he's the one who is protecting the voters.

Haake says he protected
the rights of voters by not automatically dropping more than 2,000 names from
the voter rolls.

“Anyone who just
takes this list and deletes somebody because their name is on it is
irresponsible and I don't operate that way.”

But two groups, True the
Vote, and The American Civil Rights Union have both put Haake on notice to
clean the voter rolls, or face a court order to be forced to do so.

“We saw that since
Chesterfield County was required to maintain their voter rolls in a reasonable
manner as prescribed by the state,” says Logan Churchwell of True the Vote and
their apparent failure to do so, we have a right to say please clean up your

In a letter from to Haake,
True The Vote writes, “your office is failing to take reasonable steps to
ensure the voter rolls are free from ineligible voters. If the circumstances
described in the attached affidavit are not cured within the 90 day notice
period, my clients may initiate action in federal court seeking an order to
command you to comply with federal and state law.”

Haake says he has agreed
to take action all along, well within the 90 days notice that the letter is

“As far as I'm
concerned it's nothing but an effort to harass and intimidate me, which I am

It is also important to
note here that both parties say this threat of legal action has nothing to do
with the tightness of the Attorney General race. Both say the notice was served
well before anyone realized this race would be so close.



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