Who Was Gus Deeds?

WILLIAMSBURG (WRIC) – As investigation of the stabbing of State Senator Creigh Deeds continues, 8News is learning more about his son, Gus.

Gus Deeds was a student on and off at William and Mary since 2007.

For students and staff at the school, news of Gus' death has been devastating and many are trying to deal with the grief.

Brian Whitson, spokesman for William and Mary says after they found out the horrific news, they notified staff and students, letting them know counseling services would be available.

“This is such a tragedy. It's just a really sad story,” he says. “This is a very close knit community here, so whenever you have a situation like this it impacts everybody in a significant way.”

“He was one of those larger than life kind of kids,” says Library Assistant Diane Dudley. “Whenever he walked in the room, he had a great story to tell.”

Gus was a music major at William and Mary until he withdrew last month. Staff says he was constantly in the music library and students say close with his father.

“Man, he was charismatic,” says Adam Rotche. “He could talk up his dad, his family. He was so proud. He did a lot of great things for and with his dad.”

Why Gus withdrew is unknown but reports show that personally he may have been going through a mental health issue. His death came too soon and too unexpectedly for those that knew him.

“He wore his heart his sleeve, and, you know, if he'd be down in the dumps one day, he'd come up to you and, you know, he'd be like, 'Hey, man. I'm not feeling so good. You wanna hang out? You want to play some music? You want to just talk?' and, so, I mean, obviously, nobody expected anything like this.”

“He had wonderful stories, and a great personality, and, you know, we won't get to hear the rest of those stories.”

State Police say everything escalated after Gus and his dad had an altercation, but they're still working on what ultimately lead to that altercation and ultimately Gus' death.


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