Fight at Football Game Costs Team Championship

HENRICO (WRIC) – A post-game brawl on the field between two football teams has cost one a trip to a national tournament in Florida.

This game is from the past weekend at J.R. Tucker High School between the Rich City Spiders and the Virginia Beach Raiders.

The AAU made the decision earlier this week to disqualify both teams for the remaining season.

The Rich City Spiders say the other team actually started this fight and they were only defending their teammate who got pushed to the ground and they're upset their season appears to be over.

After the Rich City Spiders beat the Virginia Beach Raiders this past weekend – 23 to 7 – the two teams line up to shake hands.

It appears as number six for the rich city spiders gives a friendly tap, a player for the opposing team attacks and the team brawl begins.

“Somebody was saying where number six at. I'm number six so I'm looking around. They see me. Somebody pushed me to the ground, and everybody just start fighting. The other player was number six that pushed me too.”

At his mother's request, we're not naming the player.

The 14-year-old football player says he and his teammates did not engage in any trash talking before the fight.

“I heard a couple of people saying they wanted to fight after the game if they lose.”

Because of this fight on the field, the AAU has disqualified both teams and it's a major blow for the Rich City Spiders.

With the win on Saturday, the team qualified for the state championship and a trip to Orlando, Florida to play in a national football tournament.

At this time, the AAU is standing firm – and the Spiders' season is over.

“We actually emailed them back and pleaded our case and at least get an answer on why was the punishment so hard,” says Rich City Spiders Head Coach Linwood Johnson. “This is our first time ever being in an altercation.”

Although, he did not start the fight, number six for the Rich City Spiders says there is a lesson to be learned.

“I would never fight in a football game anymore, because I don't want my season to be disqualified.”

Calls to the Virginia Beach Raiders and the AAUU have not been returned.


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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