Richmond Times-Dispatch to Increase Price on Holiday Issues

getting a service every day and suddenly finding out that it will cost a lot
more on two certain days of the year.

That's what readers of the
Richmond Times-Dispatch are dealing with and some aren't happy.

Bob Kluge and his wife
couldn't believe it when they received the notice from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“I think it's an act of
desperation,” Kluge says. “They were going to be charging an extra fee for Thanksgiving
and for the Christmas editions.”

The Kluges have received
the paper for 14 years and they don't want to pay more for ads they don't even
look at.

“They're receiving a substantial
amount of advertising dollars from people who place the ads in the paper which
means that's how they should be earning their money.”

The paper plans to debit
subscribers' accounts $2.35 for the Thanksgiving edition and $1.50 for Christmas
– something the Kluges weren't told about when they renewed six months ago.

“They're changing the
agreement that we had with them when we subscribed originally.”

The paper says last year
the Thanksgiving edition weighed about five pounds and it takes a lot of work
to stuff all of this into those plastic bags plus it costs more money to get
all of this printed.

“Certainly if they've been
in the newspaper business this long it wouldn't be a surprise to them that this
is the largest edition of the year it's not something they just found out about

The Kluges contacted the Times-Dispatch
and asked if they could receive the holiday editions without ads.

They were told no, so they
may just stop receiving the paper altogether.

“If it were up to me I
would just cut the subscription now.”

Calls to the Times-Dispatch
were not returned.

But in the message to
customers, the paper says special sections will also be included in both
holiday papers in addition to all of the ads.


Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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