Street Squad: Speeders on Walnut Grove Drive

Rick and Teresa Burton say the speeding on Walnut Grove Drive has gotten worse.
Year after year, and since the street connects two busy roads, the couple says
drivers from other neighborhoods gun straight through.

been here nine years, and we've seen traffic pick up,” Rick Burton says. “You
can sit out here and see Henrico County tags going through. I looked to see
what kind of tags it is, and seen King William tags out here.”

The speed
limit on Walnut Grove Drive is 25 miles per hour. But once 8News reporter Josh
Landon pulled out his speed gun, he caught drivers going a little bit faster.

He caught
three drivers going over the speed limit – at 33, 34 and 35 miles per hour.

Rick says
it's even worse at night and on the weekends.

they have yard sales, you can call the police and say we got a lot of speeding
in the neighborhood,” he says. “Mainly the teenage kids in here. They don't pay
any attention. You can't even walk your dog because it's just ridiculous the
way they come through here speeding.”

A deputy
with the sheriff's office on patrol says this area is known for speeding.

The Burtons say it's enough to make them consider moving.

at the point I don't want to sell, but I will sell just to get away from the
congested traffic.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting
of Richmond

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