Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Pets

(WRIC) – Dogs and sometimes cats are man's best friend.

And some
people are willing to spend hundreds to keep those pets happy and living in

lifestyle of the rich and the famous means their pets are also rich and famous.

the world of Paris and Nikki, even their dogs dress better than you.

Fancy dog
carriers…expensive collars…stylish wardrobes.

celebs aren't the only ones dropping big bucks on pets.

reporter Ava-joye Burnett
heads to the Alpha Dog Club in Richmond where Splash
and his buddy take swim lessons.

The dogs'
owner drops $200 a month so he can have some alone time in the pool.

And the
splurges don't end there.

She also
pays for massages for the German Shepherd mix.

is a luxury,” says Jodi Strange. “But I am able to afford that for Stan and I
know it improves the quality of his life.”

And every
spoiled doggie deserves to celebrate their birthday.

parents threw a pool party for their little girl and her friends.

a couple hundred dollars,” says Michael Gardner. “I would say it's comparable
to someone taking their kids to Chuck E. Cheese.”

Bible, who owns Abbella Cakes, whipped up something special for the birthday

dog should be able to celebrate their birthday with a little piece of cake,”
she says.

And from
partying to day care, Cruiser's parents pay for him to play here at Dogtopia in

knows where he's going,” says owner Susan Lee. “He doesn't look back at us. We
open the door, he goes to Matthew.”

And if
they ever get separation anxiety, parents can check on their pets from a far.

have live webcams so people can log on their computer, or even an app on their
smart phone, and watch what's going on,” says owner Bob Murphy.

And let's
not forget about those kitty cats. That's where Ginger's Eatz and Treatz come
in. People are willing to pay more than double to make sure that their cats are
eating gourmet style.

the people are turned on to the foods that are in here and understand the
health benefits, they come back,” says Debbie Eib. “Even if it's on a Monday
and it doesn't come in until a Wednesday, they'll go… ‘ok, I'll be back.'”

To get
from massages to swim lessons, Alpha Dog's limo service comes to pick you and
your dog up for a night out on the town.


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting
of Richmond

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