What Should Richmond Do with City Stadium?

RICHMOND – Residents aren't
cheering about the latest proposal being kicked around for the aging City

A number
of recommendations have been on table to redevelop this property. Some ideas
include a mixture of apartments and new housing.

The City
Stadium Task Force organized a panel with people from all over region and asked
for their opinions on the next step to take with this property. The panel
suggested the best use of this property would be to build new housing and

Eldon Smith
has lived right across the street from city stadium for the past 20 years –
and he's not in favor of changing the landscape.

wouldn't suggest apartments,” he says. “I would like to keep it just how
it is for the sports events.”

Stadium is home for the Richmond Kickers soccer team.

Parker Algelasto is a member of the stadium task force and points out no
decision has been made.

the city is conducting two studies on how to enhance the use of this property, including
renovations to make it a better sports plex.

revitalization as a sports plex… is from the revenue…can it be sustained? That's
the big challenge…and how many events do you need to have? What sports do you
need to have? Currently, we only have soccer. But what about a professional lacrosse
team? Could we have a professional team also play on the same field? What if
there were other uses of a soccer field for other teams besides the Kickers?”

councilman says he's hoping the two studies will be done by December and then
the city can move forward to get input from residents.


2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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