Party Registration Website May Keep Noise Levels Down

RICHMOND (WRIC)—VCU Police have a new way to crack down on noise complaints and keep surrounding neighborhoods safe.

The power of technology may soon help keep Richmond neighborhoods quiet. A website called will help VCU Police keep track of noisy parties on and around campus. Starting Thursday, students will be encouraged to register their parties on the website, including the location, time and number of people expected.

The next time police get a noise complaint from a party, the first thing they'll check is the prtysmrt website. If the party is registered and they can find the name of the host, police will send that person a text message warning them of the complaint. The host will receive a warning text for the first two complaints. If a third one is made, police will be sent to the scene. So far, police say students like the idea.

“Having that message saying like, ‘Hey, you've got some noise complaints; keep it quiet,'” said VCU student Lisa Delao, “It's a nice attempt to have people hosting parties to try and keep it contained.”

Having the service will also keep police on the streets instead of investigating simple noise complaints.

“My officers are pulled off the street to go to that particular call,” said Chief John Venuti of VCU Police. “They're pulled away from the other duties and obligations they have here at VCU—keeping students safe.”

The prtysmrt system is the first of its kind, and is being developed by former VCU student Gordon Miller. Students also like that it could keep them out of trouble.

“It's a good step to get more communication between the actual authorities and the people throwing the parties before it gets to the point where charges [are filed],” said Ryan Groone, a VCU student.

Still, is not a free pass; if drug use or anything else illegal is going on, police will negate the prtysmrt process and head to the scene anyway.


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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