Firefighters Rescue Man Stuck in Amelia Well

AMELIA COUNTY – An Amelia man is in the hospital recovering after he was stuck in an abandoned 30 foot deep well.

David Weyant was one of about 25 crews on scene. When he randomly walked by the
well, he found out someone trapped was inside.

arrival, there was a little bit of smoke coming from this church,” Weyant
says. “I got a faint cry for help, and that's when it hit me that oh boy,
we actually have somebody in the well.”

That person
was 24-year-old Brian Burdge.

Burdge set
his jacket on fire hoping someone would see the smoke and rescue him.

smoke was only up to about right here, and it blended in with the side and it
wasn't until I actually walked over to them well that I saw the full bellow of

was the fire fighter who went in.

wasn't much space down there for both men.

was very weak, i think it might have been from the smoke inhalation. But his
main thing was thank you thank you thank you, get me out of here.”

family is also thankful. They met Weyant for the first time Tuesday at the same
place he helped to rescue their loved one.

they brought him out, the first thing he did was grab my arm and pulled me
across and said hug me mom,” says Burdge mother Mary.

No one
knows how he ended up in the well or why he would be in this area.

been some challenges that he's been facing lately, and there are some things as
a family that we are all going through with him,” says wife Karina. “But as
long as he's alive and he's well and our daughter can say hey that's my dad
without standing there. Somebody says
'where is your dad' and she not being able to have an answer. So it's a big


Burdge is still in
the hospital being treated for smoke inhalation.



Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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