Meet Ken Cuccinelli

RICHMOND (WRIC)— 8News contacted each
gubernatorial candidate
for sit-down interviews; each candidate was asked
the same questions focusing on major issues. The third and final candidate in
this exclusive series of interviews is Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

Ken Cuccinelli was a business law attorney when he was elected as a state
senator in 2002; he served until 2010, when he ran for attorney general and
won. He has served as attorney general for nearly four years. He says his major
goals as governor would be economic development, education and transportation.
Cuccinelli says he would develop the economy by keeping taxes, labor costs and
energy costs down.

“By bringing personal and business income tax rates down and paying for it
with slower growth in government and by eliminating about one sixth of the tax
exemptions and credits and that's been rated as growing about 58,000 new jobs,”
he said.

With respect to education, Cuccinelli says SOLs need to be reformed—this includes
testing dates. He says every school wouldn't have to test on the same day, and
kids could retest more quickly. He also says kids should be able to leave
failing schools.

“If that means they can place their child in another public school, so be
it,” he said. “If it means they actually place their child a school in another
district—another school district—I would be supportive of that and even if they
want to place them in a private school, to provide them the tax credits to help
them do that.”

Cuccinelli says the move would also create competition and ultimately make
schools better. When 8News Reporter
Mark Tenia
asked Cuccinelli how he would promote bipartisanship, he pointed
to his time in the Senate.

“In 2006 we came within two days of not having a budget at the end of the
fiscal year, and that's a government shutdown in Virginia, and I was the state
senator who had the bill in place that would have bridged that gap for us.”

When asked why he's a better choice than his opponents, Cuccinelli said he's
worked to help Virginians long before running for office.

“I'm the only candidate running for governor who can point you to activities
in the community just to help people here in Virginia, before running for
governor,” Cuccinelli said. “I think we ought to have a governor who cares
about Virginia and its communities, and I'm the only one who's demonstrated
that and I think that's one other reason that I'm a better choice for governor.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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