Quadrivalent Vaccine Tackles Four Strains of Flu Virus

The normal flu vaccine is designed to protect against three strains – two A viruses and one B virus.

But brand new this year is the quadrivalent vaccine – which has an extra strain of B virus.

“It's supposed to give broader protection,” says Martin's Regional Pharmacy Manager John Beckner. “Problem is you probably won't be able to find it. It's not in a real abundant supply.”

Martin's pharmacies are out of the shot.

“We were sent a limited amount and we've pretty much blown through that.”

So are most Kroger's, Walgreens, Walmarts, Targets and CVS stores in Central Virginia.

The quadrivalent vaccine is popular, but according to the CDC, only 30 million doses are available nationwide.

While the new vaccine may have some extra protection against the flu, experts say the normal trivalent shot could just as effective.

That shot available at most pharmacies and health authorities say now's the time to get it.

The quadrivalent vaccine comes in a shot or nasal spray form. 

It does cost a little bit more than the normal flu shot and the CDC predicts more of the “super” shot will be available next year.

For a list of Henrico and Chesterfield County Flu Clinics, click here.

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