Meet Robert Sarvis

RICHMOND – 8News contacted each campaign for Governor for sit down interviews and each candidate was asked the same questions focusing on major issues.

First up is Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis.

The Harvard grad has been a lawyer, a math teacher, a software engineer, and an entrepreneur. Now, he's hoping to add governor to that list.

Robert sarvis says his major goals are economic growth, education reform, and drug reform. He believes cronyism and corporatism have overtaken government.

“The better way to have government involved in the market is to ensure that markets are open and competitive so that industries can't use regulation to insulate themselves from competition.”

Sarvis says an open playing field giving startups equal footing with large corporations will help create jobs.

Regarding education, Sarvis says parents need more of a say in where their kids go to school and how their money is spent.

“It's for a parent whose kid is in a failing school or a school that's not serving them well can take their kid out and take it to another school whether public or private and in that way create more choice and competition.”

“In every other industry where we have competition we have quality improvements and cost reductions, there's no reason to think education will be any different.”

In regards to drug reform, Sarvis believes responsible drug use that doesn't harm others should not be punished, and in cutting back on police

Aggressiveness when dealing with people, he says changes to drug policies could also save a lot of money.

“That's something that touches on a lot of social ills and social policies and spending and taxation as well because we spend a lot of money on enforcement and incarceration.”

8News asked Sarvis about how he would promote bipartisanship.

“You know I talk about open markets a lot. That goes for the marketplace of ideas and the political market.”

And why he is a better candidate than his opponents, Sarvis says he believes his educational and professional background make him the best choice and the fact that he's not a republican or democrat.

If you feel like the Republican and Democratic parties are not voting in your interests then you have to vote against them.

Thursday will feature Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, and on Friday Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli.


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